With FOERSTER test systems, both semi-finished products and individual components can be tested without damage for different surface defects. Different test devices are used depending on the type of defect to be detected - point, longitudinal or transverse cracks - and the material to be tested. These are based on different technologies such as eddy current method, flux leakage testing or heat flow thermography. Mobile crack detection testers can also be used for maintenance testing.


  • STATOGRAPH: STATOGRAPH testers have been developed for automatic crack detection in components using the eddy current method. A wide variety of different sensors are available to suit different testing tasks.
  • ROTO-PUSH / ROTO-SCAN: ROTO-PUSH and ROTO-SCAN are fully automated test mechanisms for testing cylindrical components or rings for cracks and microstructures using the eddy current method. The components are then sorted and
  • ROTOMAT / TRANSOMAT: The ROTOMAT and TRANSOMAT test systems have been specially developed for large diameter pipes and test the inside and outside of pipes for surface defects using the constant field magnetic flux leakage m
  • DEFECTOVISION: The DEFECTOVISION test system works with heat flow thermography. By analyzing the temperature distribution, it can detect and visualize the finest surface imperfections, such as in logs and rails.
  • CIRCOFLUX: CIRCOFLUX performs tests to detect longitudinal surface defects via an AC flux leakage method. CIRCOFLUX is mainly used for hot rolled black bar because in the case of an eddy current test too much interference si
  • DEFECTOMAT: The DEFECTOMAT product family inspects semi-finished products for point and transverse defects in the material. The optional FERROMAT channel enables detection of FE contamination. Special coils are available dep
  • DEFECTOMETER: The mobile DEFECTOMETER tester is used for manual maintenance testing. It can even detect cracks only 20 µm deep.
  • DEFECTOSCOP: The computer-aided DEFECTOSCOP tester for universal use is used for mobile maintenance testing of electrically conductive materials for cracks and microstructure.