X-ray Wheel Inspection System for Small Sample/Batch Sizes

With YXLON MU2000-D Wheel, X-ray inspection of wheels is carried out efficiently for spot-check sample tests or small batch sizes. This system is ideally suited for inspections near the casting machines or in R&D.


  • Precision roller stand for comfortable manipulation of the un-machined Wheel
  • Small footprint fits into existing plant layouts
  • Excellent results with minimum investment due to ease-of-use software interface
  • Economic solution for small batch sizes and sample tests
  • Highest image quality for reliable HDR (Highly Dynamic Radioscopy) inspection decisions

System Capabilities

Our MU2000-D is the perfect X-ray system when it comes to spot-check sample testing in wheel inspection. As the best-known standard inspection system from YXLON, we have sold more than 350 units since it was launched.

A reasonably priced, easy-to-operate system with a compact design and the newest radiographic technology gives it a convincing advantage when you add the “Wheel” option for alloy wheel inspection.

MU2000-D Wheel inspections performed in real time reflect a distinct reduction in both time and costs. Outstanding detail detectability and simple, intuitive operation enables high throughput, without compromising the certainty of inspection decisions.

Equipped with modern digital flat-panel detectors and YXLON HDR-Inspect technology, MU2000-D Wheel supplies brilliant image quality and high contrast

The manipulators have been optimized for wheel inspection. Spot-check samples and small-scale series can be examined efficiently with the “Roller stand”: The wheel is positioned on the stand, which can be moved horizontally

Using the rotary axis, the entire wheel can be inspected without having to reposition the wheel by hand

With decoupled manipulators, the X-ray source and detector travel independently of the inspected item. In this way, optimum use is made of the inspection envelope. The X-ray tube and image intensifier are mounted to a U-arm capable of tilting and moving up and down. This manipulation ensures that all necessary views of the wheel can be achieved.

As an option, the image enhancement and archiving system YXLON IMAGE x500 can be integrated so as to edit the X-ray images of the wheel and save them in digital formats.